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Homeless Man Overwhelmed After Being Surprised With Gifts Sent By Kind Strangers On TikTok

Homeless Man Overwhelmed After Being Surprised With Gifts Sent By Kind Strangers On TikTok

In an age when online cynicism, bullying trolls and scathing critiques seem to dominate the internet, a heartwarming application of our connected digital world can feel refreshing.

A man in Fresno, California has figured out the ideal formula for online positivity. And it's the perfect content for the holiday season.

Working behind the counter at a convenience store, the man—known on TikTok as akramadinas—has befriended many of the homeless people that walk through the shop's door on a regular basis.

Rather than simply ring up a few items and send them on their way, akramadinas has taken time to learn names, backstories and understand the dynamics and causes of those people's struggles.

Beyond that, he's captured it all on video and posted it on TikTok.

Often, that may have been where the story ended with some nice internet content. But akramadinas—who boasts 2.2 million followers—managed to go one step further and turn all that content into tangible benefit.

He asked his followers to donate money and gifts to provide basic needs to several of his downtrodden customers.

The plan seems to have worked:

@akramadinas GOD BLESS YOU ALL! SORRY @amazon 😂🙏🏼
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TikTok users have been especially endeared by one recipient of the generosity—a man named Phil. When akramadinas put out a call to action for donations, the internet listened went to work.

First, people pulled together to give Phil $170 to spend in the store—on anything other than beer and cigarettes.

Phil responded with a big thank you and a bit of a dance.

@akramadinas made his day for sure he was just asking me for work before this video haha ##towergas ##559 ##fresno ##fy ##fyp ##foryou
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TikTok users were beaming.


Rachel Tucker/TikTok



But Phil's story didn't end here.

Additional videos followed that one.

@akramadinas Part 1 of 2 packages for phil 🥺 btw he saves all the notes you guys send him ##towergas ##559 ##fresno ##giveback ##fy ##fyp ##foryou ##viral
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Each included more gifts to Phil...

...and Phil's gratitude.

@akramadinas Reply to @thatbitchannette he really does 🥺 god bless you all 🙏🏼
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Those videos only tugged at more heartstrings.



Jordan Elizabeth/TikTok


Josh Connects/TikTok

And as more money continued to flow in, a truly extraordinary gift became available—a warm roof over Phil's head.

@akramadinas Reply to @life.of.shay we got him a hotel till we can find him a more permanent home, all this wouldn't be possible without my awesome followers 🙌🏼
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Phil was even able to get a phone.

And with a little help, he set up his own TikTok account. It already has over 13 thousand followers.

The truly wonderful news is that Phil's good fortune is far from the only example on akramadinas' page. The generous clerk arranged donations for plenty of other regular customers who've fallen on hard times as well.

@akramadinas thank you to all my amazing followers 🥺 s/o my helpers Chris & @swagggy_nagggi ##towergas ##towermarket ##559 ##fy ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##giveback
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It's been a tough year for nearly everyone.

We're thankful for some kindness spread and good news shared.