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Woman Accuses Home Depot Of 'Ruining Christmas' With Scary Decoration—But TikTok Is Into It

TikTokers quickly came to Home Depot's defense after TikToker Danielle Adams called out the store's talking Jack Frost decoration.

Screenshots of woman at Home Depot with scary Jack Frost animatronic

Many stores have capitalized on two of the biggest U.S. holidays, extending both seasons by offering a wide variety of merchandise.

Once fall hits, the transition between Halloween and Christmas blurs as giant retailers stock their shelves with pumpkin-themed merch alongside ornaments of pinecones and snowflakes.

This holiday season, Home Depot decided to wreck the halls by introducing an unconventional Christmas decoration that elicited a chilly reception from one TikToker.

Danielle Adams (TikToker @dani_adamss) was not a fan of Home Depot's attempt at a Halloween and Christmas mashup: a scary animatronic Jack Frost.

But social media users took delight in the home improvement retailer's twist on all things merry and bright—and creepy and malevolent.

Adams posted a clip of her reaction to the life-size figure of Jack Frost, which had an icy blue complexion, deep-set yellow eyes with red pupils, a large beaked nose, and a menacing grin that would have even the Joker paralyzed with fear.

Adams told viewers:

“Home Depot is trying to ruin Christmas. Let me show you."

The camera panned over to the white-haired ghoul, which was lifeless—at first.

"It gets worse," said Adams, and showed Jack Frost coming to life, complete with articulated hands and mouth, cackling:

“Kicked me out of his workshop? Guess he wasn’t down to chill.”
“[It’s] a winter wonderland with extra frostbite!"

You can see the clip here.


HOME DEPOT IS RUINING CHRISTMAS #christmas #homedepot #fyp #foryou

Little did Adams know that her negative PSA would turn into a positive one for Home Depot.

People who grew up with Jack Frost embraced the nightmarish figure, and clamored to take him home for the holidays.











On its website, Home Depot wrote the following description of the merchandise.

“Bring some chills and thrills to your winter wonderland with this 6-ft. animated LED Jack Frost."
"His ghoulish, steel blue LED light-up eyes, wild white hair and chilling gaze give an unexpectedly creepy look to your holiday display.”

You can take one home for $199, but there is a purchase limit of one per customer.