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Trump Aide Slammed After Using Military Photo Of Buttigieg To Mock DeSantis' Military Service

Trump campaign aide Liz Harrington clapped back at DeSantis aide Christina Pushaw with a picture of Pete Buttigieg in military uniform over Memorial Day weekend.

Pete Buttigieg; Ron DeSantis
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images (left and right)

An escalating feud between former President Donald Trump's team and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has led to a controversial tweet from a Trump campaign official.

Liz Harrington, a Trump campaign aide, shared a picture of Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg in uniform from his time in the U.S. Navy Reserve, intending to mock DeSantis's military service. The tweet came amidst a series of attacks and counter-attacks between DeSantis and Trump's teams.

The social media clash drew attention, particularly as it occurred over the Memorial Day weekend, prompting discussions about the significance of military service and LGBTQ+ inclusion in the armed forces.

Harrington tweeted a Fox News clip where she criticized DeSantis, alleging that he was more interested in personal ambition than serving the country due to his frequent political campaigns.

She wrote:

“Ron ‘Dee-Santis has run for 4 different offices in the past 7 years. That’s not someone who’s in it for the country, it’s someone who’s in it for himself.”

You can see Harrington's tweet below.

In response, DeSantis's campaign spokesperson, Christina Pushaw, shared a picture of DeSantis in his U.S. Navy Reserve uniform, highlighting his military service as a testament to his patriotism.

You can see her response below.

Harrington responded to Pushaw's tweet by posting a picture of Pete Buttigieg in uniform, without any accompanying text.

The tweet drew attention and led many to interpret it as a mockery of DeSantis' military service by comparing it to Buttigieg's.

This interpretation may stem from the perception Republicans either lack respect for Buttigieg personally or view his service as part of a larger debate surrounding LGBTQ+ individuals serving in the military. The issue of LGBTQ+ inclusion in the armed forces has become a contentious topic among conservatives, who argue it reflects an overly "woke" military.

Harrington's tweet received a largely negative response from conservatives, particularly given its ill-timed release during the Memorial Day weekend.

The timing, combined with the controversial nature of the tweet, drew criticism from those who viewed it as disrespectful to the sacrifices made by military personnel.

The spat between the two campaign heads comes as Trump and DeSantis prepare to make competing trips to Iowa this week.

Despite Trump's strong position in national polls and the perception among many Republicans that he is the inevitable nominee, the road to victory in Iowa, which holds the first caucus in the GOP nominating process, is uncertain.

Local lawmakers, strategists, and voters interviewed in Iowa express that a win is far from guaranteed. Several prominent Republican figures are challenging Trump's dominance and rallying behind DeSantis. In the Iowa caucuses, the support of influential party activists, who have a track record of high engagement, can be decisive.