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Guy Realizes He's Been Using Pet Shampoo On His Hair—Then Tries To Blame Bottle With Dog On It


Jonathan Kay—a right-wing editor for the outlet Quillette—has been washing his hair with dog shampoo for several months.

Kay posted a photo of the shampoo he has been using, saying he missed the small typeface Arm & Hammer labeled the bottle with—however, the bottle clearly has a photo of a dog.

A merry little yellow Labrador Retriever happily waits to answer your question about whether this shampoo is for humans or for pets.

And people roasted Kay immediately.

Kay delivered a reply to the roasting he received:

"'but Jon, it has a pic of a dog!' doesn't mean anything. Lots of shampoos i used in the past have pictures of waterfalls, or people cleaning dishes, or gauzily drawn women frolicking in pastures, or dudes under waterfalls with chests provocatively projected outwards, or whatever."

But by his own admission, those other products he mentioned have drawings of humans.

He then tried to play it off as an intentional self-own.

Which people were not buying.

Though nobody is buying Kay's tactics to avoid accountability for using dog shampoo—a harmless fact which he could have totally kept to himself if he didn't want to be dragged across the internet—everybody is absolutely laughing at him.

A little laughter in 2021 is not a bad thing.