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GOP Group That Helped Take Down Cawthorn Now Has Their Sights Set On Boebert—And Critics Can't Wait

GOP Group That Helped Take Down Cawthorn Now Has Their Sights Set On Boebert—And Critics Can't Wait
Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee/ Getty Images; Win McNamee/ Getty Images

Madison Cawthorn lost the Republican primary for his congressional seat in North Carolina. The group that worked on his political demise has a new far right candidate in their sights.

Swiftly changing pace from Cawthorn, American Muckrakers PAC—a political group determined to remove as many dangerous politicians from office as possible—is now targeting Lauren Boebert, Representative for Colorado's 3rd congressional district.

They didn't go into detail but did say they have "interesting information" about Boebert. She is up for reelection with a GOP primary race being decided on June 28.

It was tweeted:

"The American Muckrakers PAC, which recently published the salacious Cawthorn video, now says it has interesting information about Lauren Boebert's financial matters."

Cawthorn, who was also campaigning this year, faced a quick downfall after the group circulated a video of him seemingly naked and humping a man in bed. Though his identity was unverifiable from just the video, Cawthorn admitted he was the person engaged in the act as a "joke.".

It was tweeted:

"So the American Muckrakers PAC said they are going after Boebert next with damaging info."
"Apparently they had a hand in Cawthorn's demise."
"This should be fun."

The dirt doesn't stop with Cawthorn.

The group has moved on to Boebert and said their job won't be hard. They are starting with her finances.

In the fall, it was reported Boebert wrongly used campaign funds to pay for her rent and utility bill. This came about when $6,650 was exchanged via Venmo with the payment labeled "personal expenses.

Boebert is also under fire for her husband's failure to report his income.

Someone tweeted:

"Well, we know that the FEC has already got her on matters of use of campaign [finances]."

They have some PR plans to get the ball rolling, including creating the trending hashtag #fireboebert.

They even launched on Thursday.

One person tweeted:

"These are the people who went after cawthorn in his primary. Sites now set on Boebert!"
"American Muckrakers PAC, I speak your name! #fireboebert #lastword"

If American Muckrakers PAC has it their way, Boebert will be facing a tough battle in her upcoming primary.