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GOP Consultant Explains Why Joe Biden's 'Soul Of A Nation' Speech Made Her 'Cry Like A Child'

GOP Consultant Explains Why Joe Biden's 'Soul Of A Nation' Speech Made Her 'Cry Like A Child'
MSNBC; Alex Wong/Getty Images

There's no doubt that Democratic President Joe Biden's speech last week about the "Soul of a Nation" resonated with liberals. But it seems to have hit home with some conservatives as well.

Republican strategist Rina Shah is one of them. Shah, who has served as a senior aide to Republican members of Congress and as a strategist on Evan McMullin's Independent presidential bid, even went so far as to say Biden's speech made her "cry like a child."

Shah expressed her feelings about the speech in an appearance on Ali Velshi's MSNBC program over the weekend, seen below.

Referencing the fallout from the FBI search of former Republican President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, Shah began by by elucidating a feeling all too many of us will identify with.

“Everything feels really dark. Really heavy. We’re in uncharted territory."
"We are in [an] absolutely unbelievable moment right now, where we have a person who wants to hijack the country for his own gain.”

Shah went on to say that Biden provided an important counterpoint to the national mood.

“So what I heard from Joe Biden last night gave me tremendous hope. Actually, to be very honest with you, it made me cry like a child."

Shah then described how Biden's comments on the country's problems with right-wing extremism reminded her of the American ideals that inspired her immigrant parents to come to this country.

"[I]t reminded me of my late father, who came to America in 1970 and my mother, who came in 1980... I was raised to believe in the goodness of American people.”
“I was told by my parents that Americans are inherently good. By virtue, they’re accepting people. My, how far we’ve come away from that.”
“So what I heard from Joe Biden was, again: There are certain Americans amongst us who have been radicalized and are extremists.

"And it’s up to each one of us not just to be vigilant and to push back but to take a whole new responsibility.”

On Twitter, many were deeply moved by Shah's take on Biden's speech.

Biden's speech did not mince words about the people he called "MAGA Republicans," saying that they do not respect the Constitution or the rule of law and calling on Americans to defend our country from their offensive.

With few exceptions, Republicans have slammed the speech as divisive and even fascistic, including Trump himself, who labeled the speech "vicious" and "hateful," which is quite rich coming from him.