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Fox News Host Blasts GOP Sen. For Refusing To Comment On Marjorie Taylor Greene And Liz Cheney

Fox News Host Blasts GOP Sen. For Refusing To Comment On Marjorie Taylor Greene And Liz Cheney
Fox News

Recently, a GOP Senator was grilled when she appeared on Fox News, usually a friendly network to conservative thinkers and lawmakers.

On Wednesday, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee was repeatedly pressed by hosts Sandra Smith and John Roberts during her appearance on the network, Raw Story reported.

Roberts and Smith repeated a direct question Blackburn simply refused to answer. What did she think about the fates of her colleagues in the House of Representatives, Marjorie Taylor Greene, of Georgia and Liz Cheney, of Wyoming?

Spoiler alert: she thought as close to nothing about that as is humanly possible.

Smith and Roberts aimed to hear Blackburn's opinion on whether Republicans in the House of Representative would publicly condemn Greene and/or Cheney. The evolving story has been a reckoning moment for the House GOP.

Greene, who was inaugurated to the House only weeks ago, has dominated headlines in recent weeks as critics have pointed to her background of incendiary social media posts and belief in blatantly false conspiracy theories.

Her mixture of hate and delusion has led Democrats to call for her to be removed from two committee assignments, and a Thursday vote on the House Floor will decide if that happens.

All the while, Cheney has been under fire ever since she publicly denounced Trump's escalating rhetoric before the riots at the capitol. She even voted to impeach the former President.

But unlike Greene, Cheney has a long track record of public service and a more responsible relationship with things that are true. So hosts Roberts and Smith asked Senator Blackburn the question posed to GOP lawmakers across the country all day yesterday.

Should the GOP condemn a qualified, senior member and let a novice QAnon conspirator roam free?

Blackburn had no interest getting into those weeds.

"That is my former chamber and I know how frustrated it would make me when senators would weigh in on things that we were doing or debating over in the House chamber."
"So I'm going to leave the actions of the day to the House leadership."

After Blackburn dodged a follow up from Roberts, Smith entered the conversation to press as well.

"When it comes, Senator, to Marjorie Taylor Greene, Karl Rove says she's a problem for our party and that our party needs to deal with this. What are your thoughts?"

Blackburn did not relent, instead saying, "I'm going to leave all of this about the House to the House."

Smith was exasperated:

"Just if I could follow up. You're a sitting U.S. senator, you should probably have a thought on this."

See the entire exchange here:

People on Twitter who saw Blackburn's evasive two minutes were hardly surprised, but plenty frustrated nonetheless.

As for some closure on the situation in question, NPR reported the House GOP voted to keep Cheney in her leadership position.

With regard to Greene, her fate will only become clear following the vote in the House later Thursdau.

But one thing is for sure. Don't count on Senator Marsha Blackburn for any clues.