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Gay Man's Mom Has Priceless Reaction After Her Coworker Tips Her Off To Her Son's Racy OnlyFans Account

Gay Man's Mom Has Priceless Reaction After Her Coworker Tips Her Off To Her Son's Racy OnlyFans Account

A mother recently discovered that her gay son had an OnlyFans page—a subscription-based content service that is popular among amateur adult film actors

While most would think the mother would strongly disapprove of her son's side gig, her response was priceless.

OnlyFans is a social media service originating from the U.K. in which "fans" subscribe and fund content creators who regularly post xxx-rated pictures and video of themselves on a monthly basis.

"Christopher," from Orlando, used Twitter to publicize his OnlyFans page, and his mother's coworker stumbled upon his profile.

The amateur porn star screenshot the ensuing text exchanges he had with his mother after her coworker filled her in on her son's online sexploits.

"My moms coworker just exposed me for having an onlyfans because she saw my photos on her sons phone and my mom confronted me."

In the text, the mother addressed her son by his full name as if she were about to reprimand him.

"Christopher Michael... Why did Ms. Jamie tell me she saw your nudes on her sons twitter? Are you seriously posting your nudes for money?"

He answered:

"I uhhhhhhh may or may not have an onlyfans? So I may or may not post pictures to promote it."
"All hypothetical talk here btw."

But mama bear was not about to let him off the hook.

"Hypothetical? Are you kidding me. She showed me the tweets, as your mother this is very worrying for me."
"Are you not going to respond to me?"

Christopher remained evasive.

"Kind of an awkward conversation to have over text don't you think."


But the mother quickly turned things around with this brilliant response.

"You can go ahead and call me if you'd like and try to explain it but I honestly don't care, I was just pretending to care because Ms. Jamie was in my office still."

And a new tagline was born.

"Chase the bag boo."
"Also I will be updating my Mother's Day list and Birthday list and Christmas list for now on."


Twitter was the opposite of speechless at his mom capitalizing on her son's side hustle.


In a followup tweet, Christopher silenced the naysayers.

"For everyone saying that this isn't my mom here's the photo to shut you up because it is haha."
"She's 38 and looks good for her age so kindle (sic) back off."

Others in the industry praised Christopher's mother for her sense of humor and for being supportive.

Now that Twitter is buzzing over "Mom of the Year," Christopher provided a link to his OnlyFans. Because, why not?

After all, there are bags to secure.