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Fox News Guest Mocked For Saying Homeless People 'Shoot Up' Marijuana

Fox News Guest Mocked For Saying Homeless People 'Shoot Up' Marijuana
Fox News, @hewster1369/Twitter

A guest on Fox News is being roasted online after his unusual description of how one would get high on marijuana.

David Avella, the chair of an organization that trains Republican candidates, was sitting on a panel for Fox News' Outnumbered Thursday as they railed against a new "person first" policy when it comes to how San Francisco refers to people with criminal records.

Instead of being called a convicted felon, someone might instead be referred to as a "justice-involved" individual.

The panel balked at the notion of it all, with co-host Melissa Francis introducing a news clip about it by saying:

"If you thought San Francisco couldn't find more ways to push political correctness, check this out."

At one point, Avella pulled the "won't somebody please think of the victims" card, adding:

"Actions speak louder than words, and what we also didn't hear from our friends in San Francisco is what new words should we use for victims. So often over the last couple of years, the focus in California has been on the defendant, not on the victims ... California has tried to clear out their prisons and yet every year they continue to have overcrowded prisons."

And then came the yikes heard 'round the world.

"And the focus ought to be on a society that follows the law, not allowing people to defecate in the streets," he suggested. "Not allowing individuals to lay on the street having just shot up with marijuana."


One of the other co-hosts tried to right the ship by offering "heroin" as perhaps the drug Avella was thinking of.

And Avella ran with it as if nothing had happened, continuing:

"Heroin, and having a needle sticking out of them. We ought to be focused on solving crimes."

But it was too late.

The damage was done.

And Twitter couldn't wait to make him pay for it.

Fox News anchor Melissa Francis had this snappy comeback:


Now, could you take marijuana intravenously?

Technically, yes. But it isn't recommended.

The Western Journal of Medicine claims a man tried it in 1983 using a "boiled marijuana broth" that was strained through cotton, and landed in the hospital for five days after experience some unpleasant side effects like diarrhea, coughing, vomiting, and fever.

So that's a hard pass.

But hey. Fox News is gonna Fox News.


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