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Fox News Host Ripped For Gushing Over Kim Jong Un's Body: 'He Looks Better Than Our President!'

Fox News Host Ripped For Gushing Over Kim Jong Un's Body: 'He Looks Better Than Our President!'
Fox News; Korea Summit Press Pool/Getty Images

Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy stunned viewers after she lavished praise on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a broadcast.

Campos-Duffy made the remarks as she and her fellow co-hosts remarked on Jong Un's noticeably slimmer figure during a military parade in Pyongyang.

You can hear her remarks in the video below.

Mimicking content one might hear at a fashion show, Campos-Duffy said:

"He's fit, he's fun and he's fascist!"
"Take a look at Kim Jong Un flaunting his new tan and slim physique at the North Korean military parade."

After referring to Jong Un—whose regime is known as perhaps the most totalitarian in the world—as "Slim Jong Un," Campos-Duffy took a dig at President Joe Biden.

"He does look good. I'm sorry, he looks better than our president!"

Why was Campos-Duffy gushing over one of the world's most notorious dictators?

Social media users swiftly criticized her for her remarks. Fox News was also vilified for "anti-American" coverage.

People noted millions have suffered and died under the Kim family regime, which has ruled North Korea with an iron fist since 1948.

The relationship between the United States and North Korea has been thorny for years, though the country appeared ready to embrace Jong Un under the Trump administration.

United States intelligence showed that Jong Un did not cease his nation's nuclear weapons program and had worked to conceal its activity following the 2018 Singapore summit between former President Donald Trump and Kim.

Their meeting marked the first time a U.S. president had met with a North Korean leader.

Trump's admiration for dictators has been well documented. In June 2018, shortly after the Singapore summit, he called Kim a "smart guy" and a "great negotiator" during an appearance on Fox News.

Campos-Duffy, meanwhile, has made headlines for criticizing the Biden administration at every turn, recently suggesting that First Lady Jill Biden is responsible for ongoing strife in Afghanistan.

Campos-Duffy alleged the First Lady should have persuaded her husband not to run for office, citing falsehoods about President Biden's mental health.