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Former Colorado Mayoral Candidate Arrested In Plot With Teen Daughter To Drug New Mom And Steal Her Baby

Former Colorado Mayoral Candidate Arrested In Plot With Teen Daughter To Drug New Mom And Steal Her Baby
CBS Denver

Juliette Parker—known for running for mayor of Colorado Springs last year—was arrested for attempting to kidnap a baby.

Parker and her 16 year old daughter allegedly tried to kidnap an infant after claiming to be a photographer specializing in newborns.

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The former mayoral candidate claimed to be starting a baby photography business, and was offering to do shoots for new and expecting moms to build up her portfolio. However, her intentions were much more sinister.

In fact, Parker intended to steal a child to claim as her own.

In the process of the attempted kidnapping, she and her daughter allegedly drugged a new mom using a cupcake. The victim immediately knew something was wrong when her body went numb and she started vomiting.

She then asked Parker and her daughter to leave, and called 911 to tell First Responders that she had been drugged. According to the sheriff's department, she also reported her house keys missing.

This occurred after Parker's third visit to the victim's home.

Pierce County Sheriff's Department stated:

"The suspect was observed taking cell phone selfies with the victim's baby and was seen wiping her fingerprints off items she touched inside the victim's home."
Pierce County Detective Ed Troyer went on to explain the perpetrator's reasoning.
"That way, when she shows up somewhere else, she's got a bunch of pictures of her with the same baby. She's establishing a timeline: 'Here's me and the baby a week ago. Here we are two weeks ago.' We believe that's the reason."

Several other women have come forward about their interactions with Parker.

Victoria Morris said:

"She seemed off, but not like something that was alarming that I would have sent her away. But she did do some odd things when she was here."
"When she came in the front door, she used her sleeve to open the door and she came in and she wouldn't even sit in an actual chair. She sat on the floor."

Parker was released Sunday on a $50,000 bond.

There was an uproar of responses online, with many horrified by Parker's actions.

Probably a good thing that she didn't become mayor.