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Boxer Floyd Mayweather Denies Young Fan's Photo Request Because He Has Painted Nails In Viral Video


Over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather was caught on video refusing to take a photo with a fan.

Why did he refuse?

According to the fan, it's because he had painted fingernails.

The video was originally shared by TMZ.

The incident took place after the Clippers vs. Grizzlies basketball game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Saturday. After the game, the fan tried to go up to Mayweather and ask for a photo.

In the video, Mayweather could be heard saying:

"You got painted nails, I don't take pictures with guys with no painted nails."

The fan is pushed back by Mayweather's bodyguards.

He continued recording himself and his stunned reaction.

He said to the camera:

"Floyd doesn't want to take a picture with me because my nails are painted. Bruh, really?!"

As the video was shared online, people were surprised the fan was surprised.

Mayweather's rep reached out to TMZ and told them the boxer didn't stop for the photo because he was in a rush to leave the game. This despite the fact TMZ reported he took photos with other fans after the game.

Additionally, the rep said the fan's claim Mayweather is homophobic "couldn't be further from the truth."

His reputation on that matter is even murkier, as Mayweather has done a few things that aren't exactly gay friendly.

Despite all this, some are worried he'll be "canceled" as if a thing like that exists for the rich and powerful.

Mayweather has a long history of using homophobic slurs against his opponents. In 2017 he called Connor McGregor a slur.

And in 2010, he did the same to Manny Pacquiao several times and was forced to apologize after being caught on video.