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Fetterman Hilariously Trolls Rightwing Conspiracy Theorists Who Claim He Has A 'Body Double'

The Democratic Senator used a 'Simpsons' reference to humorously lean into the bizarre conspiracy.

John Fetterman
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman responded to unfounded conspiracy theories circulating on social media suggesting that he has been replaced by a body double.

Viral posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, have fueled these conspiracy theories, claiming that Fetterman is being impersonated by look-alikes due to his recent stroke, which left him with auditory processing difficulties and halting speech.

In response to the conspiracy theories, Fetterman humorously remarked:

"I have to talk to my other."

He continued by stating, "It's all true. I'm Senator Guy Incognito," referencing a famous joke from The Simpsonswhere Homer Simpson encounters a doppelganger with a hat and mustache who looks and sounds exactly like him.

Fetterman shared audio of his remaks on X and jokingly thanked Guy Incognito "for taking hallway questions for me."

Fetterman has also mocked conspiracy theorists by selling shirts through his campaign store that sport the phrase "John Fetterman's Body Double."

The shirts cost $35 each and will ship starting on October 9.

But the conspiracy theories about him having a body double have persisted for a while, and trolls have demanded that Fetterman provide more evidence, including holding a press conference and wearing a suit, to prove that he is who he says he is.

In April, he poked fun at the fringe elements who have propagated the theory, calling it "crazy" and assuring his followers that it isn't true.

Fetterman's recent health issues have also led his opponents to question his fitness for public office. But Fetterman has been frank and open about his struggles and has shared his experience to encourage others to seek help.

Many appreciated Fetterman's response and the way he's shut down conspiracy theorists.

Lately, Fetterman has become more engaged with reporters in Senate hallways and has shared colorful remarks about various political issues.

Last week, Fetterman had a mock concerned response to the news that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy would launch an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

When asked about McCarthy's announcement, he responded with a burst of laughter and disbelief, urging McCarthy to go ahead while expressing his mock "devastation." Fetterman had previously told a group of reporters that Republicans should proceed with impeachment hearings if they are "gonna keep threatening it."

Fetterman has also responded to complaints from Republicans who have falsely alleged he is to blame for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's decision to relax Senate dress code rules.

When criticized, he pointed to the behavior of Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert—who was kicked out of a Denver theater for her "outrageous behavior"—as an example of the actions the GOP is willing to ignore for political capital.