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Man Offers Warning After Parents And Brother Who Refused Vaccine All Die Of Virus Within Days Of Each Other

Man Offers Warning After Parents And Brother Who Refused Vaccine All Die Of Virus Within Days Of Each Other
Francis Basil Goncalves/Facebook

In the span of one week, Cardiff based chef Francis Goncalves lost both of his parents as well as his younger brother to Covid-19.

Goncalves' parents and brother were all living in Portugal at the time. According to Wales Onlinehe believes his father caught the disease after being in the hospital to be treated for kidney stones and spread it to his mother and brother at a subsequent meal.

After all three were hospitalized, Goncalves' younger brother, Shaul, 40, died on July 17, his father Basil, 73, on July 20, and his mother Charmagne, 65, on July 24.

While Goncalves made every effort to be with his family before they passed, his father and brother were both gone before his arrival. When he did finally arrive, his mother had been put into a medically induced coma.

While his parents both had underlying health issues, Goncalves told The Independent his younger brother, Shaul was "the healthiest person" he knew.

"If he wasn't working out in the gym or running, he was going on walks."
"He hadn't drunk in 15 years and had a plant-based diet."

There was one unfortunate factor his parents and brother did have in common, however.

All three refused to receive a Covid-19 vaccine.

Goncalves blamed fearmongering from anti-vaxxers as the reason behind his family's refusal to get vaccinated, ultimately costing them their lives.

"It preys on people who are afraid and they fall into the trap."
"The message I want to get out is why would the government want to hurt you by giving you a vaccine? What is the purpose behind it?"
"I've spoken to so many people who are terrified of the vaccine and it costs lives.

Goncalves told BBC News while he doesn't expect his grief will end any time soon, the outpouring of love and condolences he's received from friends and family has greatly helped him get through this incredibly hard time.

"People have contacted me and offered condolences - I haven't gone through a day since without someone getting in touch."

The 43-year-old chef also posted a haunting photo of his family in their coffins on Twitter, all the while making a plea not to give in to propaganda and fearmongering.

After reading about his Tragic story, Goncalves received support and sympathy on Twitter.

Many used this tragedy as a lesson in not giving in to baseless propaganda and believing reputable doctors and science.

Goncalves' family is currently buried in a communal graveyard dedicated to Covid-19 victims in Lisbon, Portugal.

While he hopes to move them one day, telling The Independentthe location doesn't represent his family, he's not sure that will ever happen.

"They said the entire time during Covid they'd never had three bodies brought in together from the same family."
"...unfortunately not knowing enough about Covid there is no intention of moving them ever."

In a heartbreaking interview with Sky News, Goncalves said how difficult it was to plan and witness a funeral for three of his family members.

He went on to say "misinformation" should be called "disinformation", and if his family had gotten vaccinated, at least one of them would still be alive today.