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Fans Are Just Finding Out That Longtime Batman Voice Actor Is Gay–And They're Geeking Out

Fans Are Just Finding Out That Longtime Batman Voice Actor Is Gay–And They're Geeking Out
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images; Warner Bros.

Fans of DC Comics’ Batman were ecstatic to learn one of the most influential men to play the Dark Knight is gay. And Twitter users have a solid mix of surprise and elation at this discovery.

Kevin Conroy is an actor best known for voicing the Caped Crusader in Batman: The Animated Series, the Arkham video games, along with other media over the last 30 years.

Recently it was announced he would be writing a story for DC’s celebration of Pride Month.

DC Comics announced a series of stories about and for LGBTQ+ people that would make up a Pride Anthology. Conroy is writing a 'personal story' called Finding Batman.

Conroy has played Batman for 30 years, most famously voicing the character for the DC Animated Universe of cartoon shows. The universe started with Batman: The Animated Series, an Emmy Award winning show that explored the character and his villains.

He continued voicing the character in other media, including well received, straight to DVD films, and video games, culminating in Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy. He even got to play Bruce Wayne in live action, on The CW’s Batwoman during a crossover event.

For many, Conroy is the definitive voice of Batman, and couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role. His characterization has won many fans over, leading to his prolific portrayal of Batman.

And despite being so famous, many fans were surprised they didn’t know something about him.

When the DC Pride Anthology story was announced, some fans didn’t initially put together why Conroy would be writing for the anthology. However, as other fans pointed out, Conroy has never hidden his sexuality.

During an interview with the New York Times in 2016, he spoke about living through the 1980s AIDS crisis, and how it felt as a gay man. He took a role in a Broadway production of Eastern Standard, playing a TV Producer living with the disease.

He said of the role:

“I went to so many funerals that I felt such a sense of obligation to do it right. Every night I would just wail, feeling all the pain.”
“I couldn’t not feel it. It was a scream of, ‘Look what’s happening to us! Help!’”

However, it’s clear from reactions on Twitter that not everyone knew about Conroy’s sexuality.

Conroy’s story for the anthology, Finding Batman has been said to be a ‘personal story’ for the actor. He will be working with artist J. Bone and letterer Aditya Bidikar.

The DC Pride Anthology will be available May 31st.