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Christian Leader Claims Evangelicals 'Have A Moral Obligation' To Vote For Trump

Christian Leader Claims Evangelicals 'Have A Moral Obligation' To Vote For Trump
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For many Christians and non-Christians alike, the devotion of Evangelicals to President Donald Trump is puzzling.

But his appeal to millionaire Evangelical leaders is easier to understand.

But now people are seeing more clearly how the richest of Trump's Evangelical supporters keep the flock in line.

Faith & Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed has a book in the works. The original title was Render to God and Trump.


In it, Reed plans to tell Evangelicals of their "moral obligation" to vote for Donald Trump in 2020. Nothing like telling people God said so to get them to the ballot box.

But apparently the title was a little too over the top for the publisher.

Google Ralph Reed or Faith & Freedom and you'll see Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Vice President Pence and many other GOP members rubbing elbows with prominent Evangelicals. So when did Evangelical Christianity become the mouthpiece of the Republican Party?

Or is it the GOP that's a mouthpiece for rich Evangelicals?


Whatever the case, people found the continued insertion of Evangelical Christianity in secular government positions of power disturbing.

Although most thought the almighty dollar played a bigger role in Reed's motivations than the almighty God.

Hypocrisy as well as greed and a desire for power were also frequent criticisms for Evangelical leaders like Reed.

While Christians not in thrall to leaders like Reed, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Franklin Graham begged to differ over their moral obligations.

The new title for Reed's book has yet to be announced.

But the book Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump—written by a conservative Evangelical disturbed by what they see in among their fellow Christians that gave rise to Trump—is available here.


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