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Bruce Willis' Wife Hits Back At Headline Claiming The Actor Has 'No More Joy' Due To Dementia

Emma Heming Willis spoke out on Instagram after seeing a headline that claimed her husband Bruce Willis has 'no more joy' due to his frontotemporal dementia.

Bruce and Emma Willis
Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Film at Lincoln Center

Bruce Willis' wife Emma Heming Willis has slammed what she called "stupid headlines" about her husband's life after his aphasia diagnosis.

In a video on Instagram, she said she was "triggered" by a report claiming the Die Hard star, 68, has "no more joy" due to the progression of his aphasia into frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

Emma called out the media for clickbait headlines and clarified that such claims are "far from the truth." She urged people to stop spreading fear about cognitive diseases, emphasizing that a diagnosis doesn't mean life is over.

“Stop scaring people to think that once they get a diagnosis of some kind of neurocognitive disease that ‘That’s it. It’s over. Let’s pack it up. Nothing else to see here, we’re done.’ No. It is the complete opposite of that, okay?”

Despite grief and sadness, she emphasized that their family's "new chapter" is filled with love, connection, joy, and happiness. Emma called for an end to sensational headlines, asking people to understand there's nothing alarming to see here.

People immediately thanked her for taking the time to educate and add her perspective.




Many people who cared for family members said her words resonated with them.






Healthcare workers whose patients have neurocognitive issues also thanked her for her candor.


Others thanked her for continuing the narrative around this issue.


People clearly wished for this type of thinking in other parts of life.


Message received.


Willis' family is moving through his diagnosis and still finding plenty of joy.