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Elon Musk Endorsed Kanye For President And Then Backtracked So Quickly Our Heads Are Spinning

Elon Musk Endorsed Kanye For President And Then Backtracked So Quickly Our Heads Are Spinning
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Americans were left reeling when rapper Kanye West unexpectedly announced his running for the 2020 presidential election.

The announcement was made on Twitter, because of course it was.

The declaration was made mere months away from voting day.

His Fourth of July announcement was met with jokes...

...heaps of suspicion and doubt about his intentions and capability...

...and a sprinkling of support.

One famous fan of West's potential candidacy was equally controversial entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Musk quickly responded to West's tweet, promising to back him.

However, soon after his announcement, West shared details about his political platform, as well as his opinions on politics, vaccines and abortion rights with Forbes.

West revealed some odd and alarming things, such as he's never voted before and he thinks that vaccines and access to abortions are supplied by the Devil.

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People on Twitter made sure that Musk was aware of Kanye's statements to Forbes.


In response, the Space X executive admitted to quickly developing doubts about West's ability to be President.

Musk's support evaporated almost as fast as his promise to fix the water system in Flint, Michigan.


West's statements are... divisive to say the least.

His potential platform is in stark contrast to the liberal beliefs often associated with Hollywood, as well as the rights of women and the importance of actual science—especially important during the time of a global health crisis.

Not many celebrities and notable personalities have come out to voice their support for West. It can be expected that if they did do so, it would potentially tarnish their reputations and fanbase.

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Though Musk is guilty of sharing inaccurate statements or conspiracy theories on important world issues, he is still a man whose fortune hinges on practical science—and it seems Kanye's statements were too much.

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Musk has since deleted the Tweet about reconsidering his support... so his stance on West's politics is apparently still pending.

Just like that fix Musk has planned for the water in Flint.