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Paris Hilton Hints That She Might Run Against Kanye For President—And 2020 Just Keeps Getting Wilder

On the Fourth of July, rapper Kanye West inspired countless jokes on Twitter when he announced he was throwing his hat into the ring to be President.

Here's that official announcement.

With the election just four months away, there are many important states where West cannot get his name onto the ballot and thus, it will be impossible for him to win.

Seemingly inspired by West's decision to run, however, another celebrity decided to join the fray: Paris Hilton!

Hilton teased her candidacy with a series of joking tweets.

Twitter, of course, made some jokes about what America would be like under a President Hilton.

Some even admitted they would prefer Paris Hilton to Kanye West or Donald Trump.

Many, however, were deadly serious about NOT voting for Hilton or West, even for the laughs.

This election is too important to waste your choice on a joke candidate.

Americans' lives are at risk during this election.

How did our 2020 go so far off the rails?

This is not Hilton's first time throwing her hat into the ring. During the 2008 presidential campaign, GOP candidate John McCain made a reference to Hilton.

She responded with this video from Funny or Die.

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad

And with this one as well featuring Martin Sheen tapping into his West Wing fake President Bartlett.

Paris Hilton Gets Presidential with Martin Sheen

Only time will tell who the next last-minute addition to the Presidential election might be.

Looking forward to Pauly Shore's 2020 campaign, which will begin two weeks before the election.