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Elizabeth Hurley Reveals Why She Didn't Appear In The Third 'Austin Powers' Movie

The actor opened up to Andy Cohen on 'Watch What Happens Live' about why she wasn't able to appear in 'Austin Powers in Goldmember' despite starring in the first two films.

Elizabeth Hurley; Elizabeth Hurley and Mike Meyers
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Actor Elizabeth Hurley revealed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen why she was absent from the third Austin Powers film, Goldmember. The actress, now 58, explained that she couldn't film because she was pregnant with her son Damian at the time.

Despite her concerns being brushed off by executives, who assured her she would be fine due to her slim figure, Hurley insisted she couldn't shoot—unless it happened immediately.

"When I was offered it, I said to them — and they were the first people who knew, aside from my immediate family — I said, 'Guys, I'm pregnant.' And I was pregnant with my son. I said, 'So, unless you shoot it literally next week, I don't think I can shoot it.'"

Unfortunately, by the time cameras went up, her baby bump was too big to hide. Hurley joked that her absence would make it seem like Dr. Evil had impregnated her during her absence, making her unable to participate.

Although Hurley missed the third film, she had appeared in the first two as Vanessa Kensington, the love interest of Austin Powers. In the third film, she was replaced by Beyoncé.

Hurley shared her admiration for both Beyoncé and the Austin Powers franchise during the interview, reiterating that her absence wasn't her fault.

However, she did mention filming a scene for the third movie, indicating that she had started the project before her pregnancy became apparent. Despite missing out on Goldmember, Hurley expressed interest in doing a fourth film sometime, particularly if it involved franchise star Mike Myers.

"A brilliant man, fabulously kind and gentle and of course one of the best comedians on Earth. Mike is a genius. It would be wonderful to do something with him again."

Myers himself has teased the possibility of another Austin Powers movie, fueling speculation among fans.

Why Didn’t Elizabeth Hurley Appear in the Third Austin Powers Movie? |

Fans shared their feelings about Hurley.



Though some people confused her for another Brit.

The working theory for why she wasn't in the third movie was that it was an homage to the James Bond era of spy movies, wherein the Bond girl changes from movie to movie, that Austin Powers was parodying.

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But one person got a lot closer than others in speculating why she was unable to film.


Guesses aside, people wished she would appear in more movies like Austin Powers.

Some preferred other actresses in the series.

Many people were just excited by the idea of a new Austin Powers movie.

Others focused on the director of Hurley's newest film: her son Damian.

Hurley's new film, Strictly Confidential, is now available to stream.