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People Can't Help But Notice That The Election Debacle His Literally Turned Into An Episode Of 'Veep'

People Can't Help But Notice That The Election Debacle His Literally Turned Into An Episode Of 'Veep'

With Joe Biden six electoral votes away from winning the Presidency while President Trump trails behind, the outcome of the remaining pivotal battleground states will be determined by the unusually high number of mail-in votes cast before election day.

In some of states, like Pennsylvania, these mail-in ballots (which are expected to heavily favor Joe Biden), could put Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump, who holds a narrow lead.

In other states, like Arizona, there's a slim chance the mail-in votes could put Trump ahead.

This has lead President Trump, never one to shy away from hypocrisy, to claim that vote counting should be stopped in states where he is ahead and continued in states where he is behind.

President Trump's supporters have been protesting at voting sites around the country, with some chanting "STOP THE COUNT!" and others chanting "COUNT THE VOTES!" depending on which state the protest is held in.

Fans of the HBO comedyVEEP found this entire situation eerily familiar. During Selina Meyer's run for President, she faced this exact same scenario, which was also focused on Nevada (as we are now).

Veep has been a startlingly accurate predictor of the current state of our politics.

It's also worth noting that if all the votes stopped being counted right now, as Donald Trump has called for, Joe Biden would become the next President of the United States.

Even the show's creators had to recognize how similar reality has become to their satirical farce.

Just like it did in Veep, this entire election is all coming down to mail-in ballots from Nevada.

It may yet be days before we know the outcome of the Presidential election, but if we want a peek at what's going on inside the Trump campaign, it seems we need only look at some of our favorite episodes of Veep.