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Don't Know How To Pronounce Pete Buttigieg? Here's An Incredibly Catchy Song To Help You Out

Don't Know How To Pronounce Pete Buttigieg? Here's An Incredibly Catchy Song To Help You Out
Alex Wong/Getty Images, @CentristSally/Twitter

We've seen the list of all the Democratic presidential hopefuls in the race for 2020, but do you know how to pronounce all of their names?

One of the most challenging surnames from the list of candidates is Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend, Indiana mayor who announced his bid for an exploratory committee for presidency.

Is it Pete Booty-geej, Booty-juhg, Buddha-geeg? Not even close. But here's a song to help us see the light and honor his name.

Aaron Nemo, an associate producer of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, made pronunciation fun by getting his groove on with this informative ditty.

And speaking of Stephen Colbert, Buttigieg did appear on the late night show. You can watch his interview in the YouTube clip, below.

Pete Buttigieg: The Case For A Younger

Now you can add this song to your workout playlist, like I just did. Don't gieg me.

You might be hearing more about Pete Buttigieg as we ramp up for 2020. The South Bend mayor is the first openly gay Democratic candidate to run for president and, if elected, he could be our first gay president, as well as the youngest.

The 38-year-old already gained admirers for his open letter to the Muslim community in his hometown after the Christchurch terrorist attack.

As Muslims gathered for Friday worship a week after the massacre, he assured those who were hesitant in attending prayer that the community had the city's support.

"I want you to know that this entire City has its arms around you, in love and peace, and that we support you as you practice your faith here in this community, our community, this home we share."

Buttigieg has yet to officially announce his candidacy, but he's already climbing his way to the top.

According to an Emerson poll, 11% of likely Democratic Iowa caucus-goers said they would choose him to be their 2020 presidential nominee. In January's survey of Iowa, Buttigieg was polling at 0%, so his upward trajectory is becoming something to keep an eye on.

Joe Biden polled at 25%, closely followed by Bernie Sanders (I-VT) with 24%, placing Buttigieg in third.

Spencer Kimball, the director of Emerson Polling, said:

"If Buttigieg is able to maintain his momentum, his candidacy appears to be pulling from the same demographic of young voters as Sanders, and that could become a problem for Sanders."

Remember his name, because he's not going anywhere.