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Old Don Jr. Tweet Calling The Clintons 'Deplorable' For Getting Impeached Comes Back To Bite Him

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images, Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Way back in September of 2016, during Republican Donald Trump's first campaign for President, Trump's son, Republican Donald Trump Jr., tweeted an attack on his father's then-opponent, Hillary Clinton.

In his tweet, he referenced Clinton's infamous speech where she referred to a certain percentage of Trump supporters as "deplorables," saying the truly deplorable thing was "being impeached."

Don Jr.'s tweet resurfaced online when his father was impeached in January 2020 and, in an unexpected twist, it went viral again when the President was impeached a second time in January 2021.

Many people suspected in 2016 that Donald Trump would do something leading to his impeachment, but few predicted he would become the first President to be impeached twice.

As the Trump-era saying goes, "there's a tweet for everything."

If Don Jr. knew what was coming in his family's future, he never would have been so cavalier in 2016.

So in a weird way, it seems Don Jr. ended up agreeing with Hillary Clinton's diagnosis.

One thing is certain: none of the Trump will be sending a tweet like this one any time soon.