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Whistleblowers File Complaints After Justice Department Awards Grant To Anti-Gay 'Hookers For Jesus' Group

Whistleblowers File Complaints After Justice Department Awards Grant To Anti-Gay 'Hookers For Jesus' Group
Tom Brenner/Getty Images

The Department of Justice is facing scrutiny after it awarded grants that defied recommendations from outside reviewers of which non-profit organizations deserved its money for an anti-human trafficking effort.

The DOJ passed on two top tier grant applicants—Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Palm Beach and Chicanos Por La Causa of Phoenix—in favor of two other organizations whose applications weren't recommended by the outside reviewers.

One of those two organizations?

Hookers for Jesus.

Hookers for Jesus is a Christian anti-sex trafficking safe house for women. The organization forbids secular magazines, limits the people its residents can call, and reportedly mandates Christian religious celebration.

Whistleblowers from the Justice Department brought the odd decision to award lower ranked organizations to the DOJ union's attention.

Hookers for Jesus presents a unique problem due to the mandated religious activities described in its manual. Federal funding can't be allocated for strictly religious ceremonies.

Annie Lobert, the founder of Hookers for Jesus, insisted that there are no mandatory religious celebrations.

"We are not going to discriminate towards anyone, but we are Christian. And there is an understanding before they come in here that we are Christian."

The other organization, The Lincoln Tubman Foundation, is a South Carolina non-profit that—according to Reuters—"was launched by the daughter of a prominent local Republican who supported President Donald Trump as a delegate at the 2016 convention and is close to South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott."

The grants awarded to the organization totaled more than a million dollars.

The allegations signalled further corruption from the Trump administration.

Whistleblowers strike again.