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Fans Are Sobbing After Disney Reveals First Plus-Sized Heroine In New Short Film​​

The film, 'Reflect', is about body-dysmorphia.

screenshots from Disney short film "Reflect"

Fans are emotional about a recent release of a short film from Disney Animation, 'Reflect,' which features a plus-size main character as a ballerina. Bianca struggles with body image issues.

According to the film's director in an interview at the beginning of the film—now out on Disney+—the use of ballet in particular was on purpose.

“It’s a part of the craft to be looking at your posture and checking things in the mirror, so it just seemed like a really good way to put her in that environment where she has to look at herself and she doesn’t want to."

Reactions to the video have been quite mixed.

But most emotional are the fans who are just excited to see this sort of representation of themselves on screen.

One commenter on TikTok was quite excited.


This plus size Disney ballet dancer will mean so much to so many people. This piece is part of Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Circuit Experimental Films and is an animated short called Reflect #disney #disneyanimation #waltdisneystudios #disneyshort #animation #plussize #bodypositivity #milkyywaves__

Many wished this short could have been around when they were young dancers, empathizing with the character's body image issues.

Many of the reactions to the initial post were deeply fatphobic.

People were disheartened to read those responses.

In a more nuanced critique, several people were not enthused by Disney's first larger protagonist being in a short about body image issues, rather than any other theme.

'Reflect' can be seen on Disney+ in addition to several other short films.