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Diana Ross Fans Up In Arms After 'Jeopardy!' Contestants Throw Some Inadvertent Shade At The Icon

Diana Ross Fans Up In Arms After 'Jeopardy!' Contestants Throw Some Inadvertent Shade At The Icon
Rich Polk/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

When you're a legend of Diana Ross' stature, becoming the basis of a question on Jeopardy! is par for the course. Unfortunately, becoming a wrong answer—like very wrong—is too.

The latter happened just the other day, when a Final Jeopardy! question in the category of "Singers" brought Ross to mind for two contestants—for all the wrong reasons.

After the contestants drastically miscalculated Ross's age, people on Twitter got so up in arms the iconic singer even trended on Twitter for a while.

It all started with the following Final Jeopardy! clue:

"In 2021 at age 95, this singer achieved a Guinness World Record for the oldest person to release an album of new material.”

Quite an achievement, whoever it is!

Of course "95" and "oldest person" narrows the field of who this could be pretty significantly, and for one of the three Jeopardy! contestants, the answer was obvious—as the singer himself even posted on Twitter during the show.

It's Tony Bennett, who is all but singular among his peers—there aren't many crooners from his age group still trucking along with us, right? Well, for not one but both of the other Jeopardy! contestants that evening, there was one other option besides Tony Bennett.

Motown icon Diana Ross.

Diana Ross, who launched her career as the former lead singer of 60s girl group The Supremes.

Diana Ross, who is nearly 20 years too young to have been the answer to this Jeopardy! clue, at only 77 years of age.

Oh boy.

Now in their defense, Final Jeopardy! is a high-pressure moment. And the contestants in question, Finn Corrigan and Karen Johnson, addressed their gaffe afterward, tweeting they knew Ross was the wrong answer but they needed to write something down and were running out of time as the show's buzzer approached.

But Twitter wasn't about to let them off the hook.

A wave of tweets defending Ross' honor came rolling in.

Johnson and Corrigan's gaffe is one thing, but at least they weren't the Jeopardy! contestant from last week who thought Aretha Franklin was in The Supremes with Ross.

Come on, folks.

Learn your legends.