Whether it's getting our kids to eat more vegetables or to try something new, sometimes it's a real struggle to get our kids to eat.

One dad proved, though, that sometimes it's the simplest solutions work best.

In a short video, a dad came up with a somewhat ingenious idea to trick his daughter into eating.

The caption reads:

"Her mama gone and she wouldn't take the bottle, so I had to trick her."

In the eight-second clip, we don't get a whole lot of story about the baby's mama, but we can certainly identify with the struggle that often arises in a mother's absence to get a baby who's used to breastfeeding to drink from a bottle.

The video proves pretty hilarious, when we see a baby bottle sticking out from the dad's chest, wrapped up in his shirt. The baby girl looks unsure of the arrangement, but she eats anyway, which is the most important thing.

The video quickly went viral, with nearly 72 thousand retweets and more than 305 thousand likes so far.

You can watch the video here:

The video has been particularly popular on Twitter, though there's been a little bit of a difference of opinion, regarding the dad's success in tricking his little girl into eating.

Some were quick to point out the little girl's facial expression, which appears skeptical. They were sure she was onto his trick and would stop playing along soon.

But for the most part, people celebrated the fact that the little girl was eating at all and thought this was a smart, thoughtful solution for encouraging his baby girl to eat.

And of course, some were there to celebrate the dad being a quality father, and even a Dad of the Year, for his ingenuity and thoughtfulness.

Whether or not the little girl is entirely "tricked," it's still an adorable video, and it's obvious that her dad is doing everything he can to take care of her while her mother is away.

Just like other more heated discussions surrounding the best methods for feeding babies, we can all at least agree on two things: our babies are eating, and we're doing the best we can.

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