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Dad Burns Daughters' $3,500 Olivia Rodrigo Tickets Over Vaccine Requirement—And Gets Scorched By Twitter

Dad Burns Daughters' $3,500 Olivia Rodrigo Tickets Over Vaccine Requirement—And Gets Scorched By Twitter
@TheRealDougWood/Twitter ; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Imagine you buy tickets to an event as a birthday gift for your kid without reading the details. When it comes time for the event, you read the details and realize it's not something you can attend.

Do You:

a. Apologize profusely to your child for not reading the details and getting their hopes up.

b. Learn from this experience and read the details before you spend thousands of dollars on tickets.

c. Try to re-sell the tickets and recover some money so that you can do something else amazing for the birthday kid.

d. All of the above.

If you're "Churchboy To Millionaire" author, Douglas Woods, you choose e. None of the above.

Instead, you print out and burn the tickets in a pseudo-political (and technically pointless since they were mobile tickets anyway) protest that tries to blame a teenage singer for you not reading.

You then post video of that burning claiming you AND your daughters decided to burn them even though your daughters are nowhere to be seen in the video. You tell a story about how you made your kids cry and then tag that video with things like #Freedom and #Patriot.

And then you get roasted by Twitter for it.

Douglas Woods posted video of his "protest" against singer Olivia Rodrigo because the venue she was performing at that day had a vaccine requirement. That information was available when he spent $3500 on the tickets for his daughters birthday, but he didn't read it.

It was available in the days between his purchase and concert date, but he didn't read it.

The author continued to not read - and his kids continued to build in excitement - up until the day of the event. That's when Woods finally read and realized the venue required attendees to be vaccinated.

Vaccines are not something Woods believes in for himself or his family.

And that's how we find ourselves with this Option E video.

And the responses to that Option E video is how Twitter is helping us get through our morning.

Some people like a dark roast to start their day. Some people like a light roast for something less bitter and intense.

Us? We like to start our day with a Twitter roast.

The concert went wonderfully for those in attendance, from what we understand. No word on whether Doug sold the e-tickets or not, as the tickets he burned were definitely printed and could easily have been reprinted or used electronically.