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GOP Senators Roasted For Not Knowing How To Do A Proper Push-Up In Awkward Viral Video

GOP Senators Roasted For Not Knowing How To Do A Proper Push-Up In Awkward Viral Video

Republican Senators Tom Cotton and Chuck Grassley have raised several eyebrows online following a video of them engaging in a push-up contest in which neither of them knew how to properly do a push-up.

Video of the contest was captured at a Republican convention in Sioux Center, Iowa, Grassley's home state. You can see the video below if you're in the mood for a deeply awkward cringe-fest.

The purpose of the contest was for Senators Cotton and Grassley to complete 22 push-ups to honor and raise awareness of the 22 U.S. military veterans who commit suicide each day on average--a worthy reason for a push-up challenge if there ever was one. And for Cotton, who is a former Army officer, the gesture was likely deeply personal.

Be that as it may, practically from the moment the contest begins, things get real awkward, real fast--so much so that it's hard to pin down the weirdest part of the video.

Is it the weird silence, punctuated only by the MC's booming voice, that permeates the entire room until someone finally starts clapping on push-up 17?

Is it Cotton's insistence upon doing his push-ups in double time despite the MC's very, very loud counting?

Or is it the totally incorrect push-up form that results in both Senators' butts jutting up and down in the air like jack in the boxes? Heck, why limit ourselves to just one--it's at least a three-way tie!

Now, to be fair, Senator Grassley is a hearty 87 years of age--the fact that he can do a push-up at all is impressive! But Cotton is only 44, and a former member of the military, where push-ups are every drill sergeant's favorite punishment. What's his excuse?!

As far as Twitter was concerned, he doesn't have one--and a thorough roasting ensued.

Cotton is rumored to be considering a 2024 presidential run, so Democratic strategists better get their bad push-up form attack ads ready now!