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Conservatives Rage After Karine Jean-Pierre Says Families Should Make Trans Healthcare Decisions

Biden's Press Secretary made it clear that healthcare decisions for trans youth should be left up to 'a child and their parents,' not the government.

Karine Jean-Pierre
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently made a statement regarding the Biden administration's position on gender-affirming health care for minors. She stated it's not the government's decision and it should be left up to the child and their parents.

However, this statement was met with negative reactions from Republicans who—ironically—previously advocated for "parents' rights."

Numerous bills targeting transgender youth have been introduced this year, with some taking away their access to healthcare. More than ten have passed already, and some even threaten doctors with jail time for providing treatments supported by major healthcare organizations.

A reporter asked Jean-Pierre about Indiana's recent bill that bans puberty blockers, hormone therapies and gender transition surgeries for minors. They also asked for President Joe Biden's reaction and whether he had a position on the appropriate age for these kinds of therapies and surgeries.

Jean-Pierre responded it's not something legislators should decide and it should be left up to the "child and their parents."

She also noted over 600 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been filed in state legislatures this year and called trans kids "brave." She reiterated President Biden is "committed" to the trans community and will "continue to fight for them."

You can hear what she said in the video—shared by the furious conservative activist Charlie Kirk—below.

Jean-Pierre said:

“That’s something for a child and their parents to decide. It’s not something that we believe should be decided by — by legislators. So I’ll leave it there.”
“And so, this is a president that has been committed to this community, that has been committed to our, to our kids in the trans community, to trans youth. And he’s going to continue to fight for them.”

In addition to Kirk, numerous conservatives lashed out at Jean-Pierre over her statements.

The fact that the shooter was transgender has served as a dog whistle for Republicans who have continued to push anti-trans nationwide and suggested the Biden administration is for the "castration" of children.

Others have praised Jean-Pierre's response.

Despite Jean-Pierre's statement, many Republicans have reacted negatively, despite previously advocating for "parents' rights."

They have introduced and passed bills that take away the rights of transgender youth to access necessary healthcare. The bills go against the recommendations of major healthcare organizations, and some doctors could face jail time for providing treatment.

These attacks have been criticized by their opposition and medical providers who say transgender youth deserve access to healthcare that is in line with medical recommendations and their own needs.