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Karine Jean-Pierre Rips Reporter For Insinuating That Trans Children Are Somehow 'Dangerous'

The White House Press Secretary called a reporter 'irresponsible' for claiming trans kids are putting other kids' 'safety' at risk.

YouTube screenshot of Karine Jean-Pierre; YouTube screenshot of Owen Jensen
Forbes Breaking News/YouTube

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre swiftly dismissed a reporter's attempt to insinuate transgender girls participating in sports pose a danger to their cisgender teammates.

During a press briefing, the reporter questioned what President Joe Biden would say to concerned parents who worry about their daughters' safety when competing against transgender girls.

Jean-Pierre promptly shut down the line of questioning, emphasizing that the implication being made was that transgender kids are inherently dangerous.

You can watch what happened in the video below.

Journalist Owen Jensen of Eternal Word Television Network—a.k.a. EWTN global Catholic network—asked Jean-Pierre to share what Biden would say to parents “who have daughters… who are worried that their daughter may have to compete against a male, a person born male… and worry about their daughter’s safety."

Jensen cited a tweet from Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville, who claimed that “having biological males in women’s sports is unsafe, unfair, and wrong” and that “Congress needs to listen to the American people and pass my bill to protect our female athletes.”

Jean-Pierre highlighted the dangers of perpetuating such harmful stereotypes and condemned the notion that transgender youth pose a threat.

She said:

“What you’re alluding to is basically saying that transgender kids are dangerous. You’re laying out a broad example or explanation of what could potentially happen… That is dangerous.”
“That is a dangerous thing to say, that essentially transgender—kids we’re talking about—are dangerous. So that’s something that I have to call out. That is irresponsible.”

Jensen interrupted Jean-Pierre multiple times but was swiftly shut down when Jean-Pierre replied:

“That is irresponsible. I have just laid out how complicated this issue is. I have just laid out why it’s complicated. And so, anything that you have, any additional questions, I refer to the Department of Education.”

Many criticized Jensen and praised the Press Secretary's measured response.

As the debate surrounding transgender participation in sports continues, the exchange between Jean-Pierre and the reporter highlights the importance of challenging misleading narratives and advocating for the rights and safety of transgender youth.

Moreover, it underscores the ongoing efforts to create inclusive policies that respect the identities and well-being of all individuals involved in athletic pursuits.