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College Wrestlers Lucky To Be Alive After Being Mauled By Grizzly Bear In Surprise Encounter

Northwest College wrestlers Kendell Cummings and Brady Lowry were on a hunting excursion near Cody, Wyoming when they were mauled by the grizzly bear.

College Wrestlers Lucky To Be Alive After Being Mauled By Grizzly Bear In Surprise Encounter
@KSL News/YouTube

While out hunting on Saturday afternoon near Cody, Wyoming two college wrestlers were attacked by a grizzly bear which left them with severe wounds.

According to a fundraiser organized by their school, wrestling teammates Kendell Cummings and Brady Lowry of Wyoming's Northwest College were separated from two other teammates while on an antler hunting trip.

Antler hunting involves picking up shed antlers so none of the wrestlers were carrying firearms.

Lowry saw signs of bear activity on the trail followed by the sound of something large crashing through the trees, but only had time to yell “Bear! Bear!” before the grizzly tackled him, causing him to fall off a small ledge.

Lowry told KSL News:

“It started chomping on me pretty good. It got a hold of my left arm, it was shaking me around, broke my left arm.”

Cummings yelled and threw things at the bear, but when that didn’t work “he jumped down and grabbed the bear … and yanked it off me,” relayed Lowry.

Cummings said:

"I didn't want to lose my friend. It was bad. There was big ol' bear on top of him."
"I could have run and potentially lost a friend, or get [the bear] off and save him."

The bear turned its attack on Cummings and “tackled me, chewed me up a bit,” according to the college wrestler.

The bear wandered off briefly and Cummings yelled for Lowry, but before getting a response, the bear returned. In the second attack it bit Cummings on the head and cheek.

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Lowry was able to dial 911 after the bear turned on Cummings.

While searching for Cummings, Lowry reconnected with their other two teammates, August Harrison and Orrin Jackson. Harrison said they spotted Cummings "limping down the mountain, drenched in blood."

Harrison recalled:

"He asked me how he looked and I said, ‘You look great, we’ve gotta go!’"

With the help of their teammates, a local resident and another hunter in the area, they were able to meet a search and rescue team at the trailhead. Lowry was taken by ambulance to Cody Regional Health while Cummings was airlifted to a hospital in Billings, Montana.

Lowry was also relocated to Billings after a few hours at the regional hospital. Both students then underwent numerous operations in Billings.

According to the school fundraiser, they are predicted to recover fully.

People wished the young men a speedy recovery and are happy they are still here.

One commenter wrote it would have been understandable if either had frozen up in shock, but was commendable they were so level-headed.

"I’m so impressed by these young men who were able to maintain their thoughtfulness enough to fight for each other’s lives. There’s nothing wrong with freezing up and going into shock."
"But, staying as level-headed as possible likely saved a life or two. I’m not surprised the grizzly returned. Fairly common in a bear attack."
"I’m just happy to hear you all are alive, and recovering."

~ Susan Moore/YouTube

There were lots of comments expressing joy the two men are okay.

"Oh my goodness! So glad they are okay."
"Injured and been put through the wringer, but alive! Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery."

~ Fawn Jenkins/YouTube

Others commented on how strong the friendship between the two men is.

"Glad they all acted to save one another and not pulled out their phones to just record their friend being attacked."
"True friendship right there. Acting instead of recording props to those young men."
"Thankfully they made it out alive that grizzly bear definitely showed them mercy."

~ Bella/YouTube

"Oh my gosh these young men will be bonded forever."

~ Gaye MarianesFox/YouTube

"hard to find solid people these days thats a real true friend"

~ tyz7600/YouTube

"Wow, even after getting attacked he still shouted for his friend to make sure he’s ok"

~ Fun Fashion Forward/YouTube

Although some couldn't resist mentioning wrestling, bears or wrestling bears as a springboard for their comments.

"These guys went out and wrestled bears and lived ! Coach must be proud !!"

~ Michael Robinson/YouTube

"Stranger: 'oh you wrestled in college? Who was your toughest opponent?'"
"That's an easy one...."

~ treasure the time/YouTube

"Imagine being able to tell people "I wrestled a grizzly and won."

~ NEWdansuyume/YouTube

Glad the two young men are okay and such good friends.

Best wishes for their recovery.