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Coin Toss Kid Seizes The Moment And Breaks Out An Epic Dance Move At The Australian Open 🕺😂

Twitter: @AusOpen, Twitter: Scott Glencross

Kids do the funniest things, and we saw proof of that at the Australian Open.

In a match between Kei Nishikori from Japan and Kamil Majchrzak from Poland, it was the young man tossing the coin who just may have given the best performance. Seeming to even take the players by surprise, the kid gave a kick and a twirl before tossing the coin into the air.

We aren't sure So You Think You Can Dance? will be calling anytime soon, but he sure captured the attention of folks on social media.

Not everyone was so enthusiastic.

Turns out his name is Skyler...

... and he has other talents...

...along with a philanthropic side.

Someone call the NFL, we think we found your next coin tosser for the Super Bowl!