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Claire's Refuses To Issue Recall Despite Asbestos Being Found In Some Of Their Makeup Products

John Keeble/Getty Images

For many, the chain store Claire's is synonymous with their first youthful forays into the world of jewelry and makeup.

If you didn't collect mood rings and get your ears pierced at a Claire's in the mall, were you even truly living?

However, the store has come under fire in recent years, first for their piercing practices and now for their makeup.

On Monday it was reported that asbestos, which is highly toxic to humans, was found in Claire's makeup.

The FDA released this statement on Twitter.

However, Claire's refused to comply with the FDA's recommendation they initiate a recall.

Most recalls of products are done voluntarily by companies after a request from a state or federal regulatory agency.

But some companies refuse.

And because of this, the FDA is asking congress to reform laws around regulations of cosmetics.

Cosmetic regulation reform has much support.

Some were surprised such laws were not already in place and that asbestos was able to get into make-up.

Though most were not.

Whether or not Congress will act remains to be seen.