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Kid Dressed As Michael Myers Hilariously Stays In Character After Taking An Awkward Fall At Halloween Event

Kid Dressed As Michael Myers Hilariously Stays In Character After Taking An Awkward Fall At Halloween Event
Storyful Viral/YouTube

There is little that gets children and many adults more excited than dressing up for Halloween.

For most people, simply putting on the costume is satisfying enough.

Others might take it to the next level and truly become the character or real life person they are embodying.

Such was the case with a young boy in attendance at Boo At The Zoo,, a Halloween event held for children at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky.

The young, unidentified boy chose to attend as the iconic Michael Myers of the Halloween franchise.

So committed was this young man to his character, he didn't even let a sizable tumble deter him, as evidenced by a viral video capturing the moment uploaded to Storyful Viral's YouTube page.

Kid In Michael Myers Costume Doesn’t Break Character After

In the video, recorded by Amber Aden, the young boy donning the instantly recognizable Michael Myers mask, could be seen standing on top of a hay bale, seeming to asses his surroundings.

But his attempt to jump from one bale to another was unsuccessful, resulting in his falling onto his back.

The young man appeared to be unharmed, however, as he shortly thereafter recreated an iconic moment from the original Halloween, where Myers reveals himself not to be dead by sitting straight up.

Aden told Storyful she became inspired to record the young man after she and her family witnessed his commitment to embodying Myers, namely his ferociously hurling pumpkins around, earlier in the evening.

"He then started walking around fences and leaped out and frightened my mom."
"After that is when he got on the hay bales."

Aden and her family can be heard cackling with laughter in the background during the video. She claimed it was the boy's composure which made her "crack up".

Aden and her family weren't the only ones cracking up at the video as it quickly went viral online.

It was inevitable people would also begin to have a little fun with the video, such as edit it accompanied by the film's iconic, creepy score.

While others took the time to acknowledge just how well he reenacted the terrifying scene from the film by offering a side by side comparison.

Even Aden herself returned to Twitter to express her surprise and delight at how popular her 11-second video became.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, the video is making the rounds just around the same time Michael Myers is set to return to the big screen with the October 14 release of Halloween Ends.

For those who prefer their Halloween viewing content to be a little more G-rated and blood free, this more wholesome depiction of Michael Myers might be just the ticket.