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Chelsea Handler Just Gave A Tutorial For How To Use A Bra As A Mask, And It Actually Works Surprisingly Well

@chelseahandler / Instagram

According to new CDC regulations, it's now highly recommended not only to socially distance and wash our hands, but to also wear a face mask whenever we absolutely have to go out in public.

Fortunately for all of us, comedian Chelsea Handler came up with a solution that not only technically works, but can make us laugh.

The problem with wearing masks at this point is their availability.

Much like toilet paper and bottled water, masks are becoming harder to find in stores, forcing many people who may not have the greatest sewing skills to come up with their own.

When creating a mask, the CDC recommends using two or more layers of cloth, made from items in the home, that completely cover the face. The mask also needs to tie behind the head or loop around the ears.

Luckily for Handler, someone came up with the suggestion that a bra fulfills those requirements. Handler hopped onto Instagram and shared her version of the bra mask.

Handler opened her brief video with:

"Hey, for those of you who are in a bind and need a face mask but don't have one, you could just take one of your bras."

She then demonstrates how she uses one of the cups to cover her face, followed by looping the rest of the bra around her neck under her chin, before finally hooking it at the back of her head.

Despite how funny this may look, the thick fabric and full coverage will work. Also, since we already know bras are washable, we don't have to worry about the integrity of the "mask" breaking down each time it's washed, which was the final CDC requirement.

Needless to say, the comedian's fans and colleagues thought the video was a riot.

@chelseahandler / Instagram

@chelseahandler / Instagram

@chelseahandler / Instagram

Some took it pretty seriously, though, and asked if they could borrow a bra from someone else.

@chelseahandler / Instagram

@chelseahandler / Instagram

@chelseahandler / Instagram

During strange times like these, we're all going to have to practice a little ingenuity at one point or another.

At least we now know one more way to keep our faces covered, so we can move on to solving other concerns.

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