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People With Big Boobs Are Hilariously Trolling Those DIY Videos About Turning Your Bra Into A Face Mask

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With the COVID-19 scare, face masks for purchase are in short supply.

Folks across the world seem to have the solution, though, when they showed you how to turn your bra into a functional face mask.

But upon second glance, it seems like they left most of the populace out.

The DIY videos at first seem resourceful.

But since people's bodies do not come in one shape and size, it actually has proven rather unhelpful for people with larger breasts.


Presumably, there are also bras that are too small to fit around one's face.

And still more creative ways to make face-masks are emerging.

The Coronavirus outbreak has reached emergency status, with several more states declaring a state of emergency over the week and with the National Guard being dispatched to monitor a city-wide quarantine in New Rochelle.

The full effects of the pandemic have yet to be felt.