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Woman Mocked For Ranting About The 'Emotional' Toll Of Having To Wear A Face Mask For 45 Whole Minutes

Woman Mocked For Ranting About The 'Emotional' Toll Of Having To Wear A Face Mask For 45 Whole Minutes

If there's one thing we've learned from this pandemic, it's that there are a lot of people in our country who lack perspective and seem to have never had to deal with any real problems.

Why else would they be freaking out about simple things like being asked to take basic precautions?

For example, a woman made a video of herself this week literally crying about having to wear a mask. She's going viral for all the wrong reasons.

The woman, who claimed that she didn't feel well due to lack of oxygen from the mask impeding her breathing, apparently felt well enough to take to Facebook Live and offer her expert pandemic analysis.

The woman claims that aside from being short of breath—though... she appears to be breathing fine—the 45 minutes she spent masked left her fingers tingly and her heart racing—though she conceded "some of it's an emotional reaction."

And while she does specify that she believes the virus is real, she doesn't think it all adds up.

"Look at the numbers and tell me why everyone is living in fear. Tell me why we're putting these things on and not being able to breathe."

Okay then, Karen, let's look at the numbers.

According to The New York Times, as of this writing, there have been over 1.5 million cases in the US—and that number continues to climb, including in states that have refused to abide by the scientific community's recommendations and have reopened their economies.

As for deaths, there are close to 95,000. And those are only the cases we know of—the total could be much higher, given the difficulty of accessing testing.

But none of that seems to have registered with this lady, who goes on to say, through tears:

"It makes me want to cry. That's all I want to do is cry, because you can't see people's faces, you can't make human connection, we can't hug people, we can't hold their babies... I'm simply at the end of it, it doesn't make sense."

She closes by emphatically stating that she cares "about my rights" and that the day this video was taken is "probably the last time I'm wearing this [mask]."

On Twitter, of course, her video didn't go over so well.

For the record, as of this writing, The New York Times reports that the Nashville area, where our Karen resides, is the current hotbed of the virus in Tennessee, with roughly a quarter of the cases in the state—more than any other county.