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Viral Video Captures Angry Mob Ripping Woman A New One For Not Wearing A Mask In New York Grocery Store

Viral Video Captures Angry Mob Ripping Woman A New One For Not Wearing A Mask In New York Grocery Store
Christine Lynn/Facebook

In Staten Island, New York a woman incurred the wrath of grocery shoppers at a ShopRite for going about her duties during the pandemic.

She was not wearing a face mask in the crowded store.

In areas where social distancing is not viable, face masks were recommended. However people with medical conditions that preclude using a mask are exempted.

It is unclear why the woman failed to wear a mask. But the consequences of her failure were swift.

The confrontation featuring the angry customers at the grocery store berating the unmasked shopper was captured on video and has now gone viral.

Christine Lynn posted the video filmed by a friend on Facebook, with the caption:

"What happens in Staten Island when you don't wear a mask at ShopRite!"

In the video, shoppers can be heard yelling:

"Get out!!"
"Get the f–k out of here!"
"You're a loser, bro!"

Things got nastier as a man's voice can be heard calling the woman:

"Dirty-a** pig!"

A female customer chimed in with:

"Dirty-a** ho!"

The maskless woman was seen being followed down the aisle with her cart full groceries.

Comments on the post primarily castigated the shopper without a mask.

But the poster did not condone the mobs behavior.

In response to one of the comments, Lynn added:

"I think video shows shameful humans at their finest."

The friend replied:

"Agreed. Working in a supermarket has shown me how ugly people can be."

Lynn wrote:

"I get ppl are anxious NO reason to act the way some of them are…especially guy following her to scream at her and call her a pig!"

One person remarked how the angry mob itself was out of control.

"No one is even 6 ft apart lmao."

Another asked:

"Question! Why is everyone so angry??? They're wearing masks after all, aren't they safe???

Lynn described the fearlessness of Staten Island denizens when it comes to admonishing those disrespecting health measures.

"They're staten Islanders—this is how they act when they can! They were chasing her to yell at her—obviously not afraid of her!"

On Monday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his decision to deny Staten Island lawmakers' requests for reopening the borough for businesses separately from New York city.

Cuomo argued that New York must move at a unified pace because of travel among the boroughs, saying:

"If you live on Staten Island you very well may be working in Manhattan, you're traveling through the New York City area."

Anxieties have reached a fever pitch in the city that was the hardest hit in the U.S. by the pandemic.

The video is an indication that New Yokers, much like the Staten Island ShopRite shoppers, are not messing around when it comes to shaming those who are disregarding health and safety measures to help stop the spread of the virus.