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People Confess Which Strongly Held Opinions They've Changed Their Mind About

Reddit user bottleoftrash asked: 'What’s a strongly held belief/opinion you recently did a complete 180 on?'

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Who hasn't found themselves in an argument with a friend or family member over a disagreement, both important and utterly frivolous?

An argument in which the words "I'm right" and "you're wrong" were probably thrown about more than once.

So set are we in our ways, that we vow we will never, ever think like the person we're arguing with.

Until we wake up one morning, and discover that the person we were arguing with may have a point.

Not necessarily changing out fundamental beliefs, but perhaps finding the bravery to try a new food, or give that movie we thought we loathed another watch.

Redditor bottleoftrash was curious to hear the firm opinions people unexpectedly found themselves changing their minds about, leading them to ask:

"What’s a strongly held belief/opinion you recently did a complete 180 on?"

It's All About The Execution

"I used to not like mashed potatoes, but it turns out my parents were just super f*cking bad at making them."- FirstBankofAngmar

As Long As They're "Itsy-Bitsy"...

"I used to hate spiders."

"Even the smallest ones would give me the creeps."

"One day I was at a petting zoo with my kid, she was around four at the time."

"We went to see a snake and a spider and while we were there I ended up holding the spider in my hand."

"The spider guy asked me if I wanted to hold it."

"I think I didn't want to show my kid the fear, so I just went with it."

"It was a big fella."

"Something clicked in my brain."

"Something about that spider being so big I could actually feel its weight instead of just the tickly feeling of a normal spider."

"From that day my fear was cured."

"Spiders are just like ants or flies to me now."- lamsebamsen

Imperfect, But Ultimately Passes

"I used to hate standardized tests and thought they were just a way for people to buy their way into better schools and were an inaccurate measure of true academic ability."

"Then I saw an article in defense of them that basically admitted that everything I thought was true, but every single other current metric is easier to buy with money and an even worse measure of academic performance."

"Learned that day that flawed tools are sometimes the only tool you have."- Butchering_it


Little Brightens A Room More

"I'm an avid gardener and used to hate the idea of cut flowers."

"These days, I consider cut flowers as plants paying rent."- Small-Sample3916

Little Is Better Than The Real Thing

"We had Miracle Whip in my house growing up."

"I thought it was just a brand of regular mayonnaise."

"I hated it."

"One day, I had a sandwich with actual real mayonnaise on it; it was the best sandwich of my life up to that point."

"I looked into it and Miracle is some weird thing that's to mayonnaise what margarine is to butter."

"I hated beer until my late 20s when I finally had something besides Bud Lite or Coors."- HC-Sama-7511

Children Are Easily Influenced

"Brussels sprouts."

"My dad always said he hated them growing up, so I assumed he was right and never ate them."

"Had some recently and they were delicious!"- Velorian-Steel

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Not Everything Needs Improving

"I’m not a project that needs to be constantly worked on."

"Growth is important, but sometimes…you just gotta be."- ScrmNRn

Happiness Can Be Frustratingly Hard To Find

"That my phd matters."

"I've been destroying myself over it while the institution I study at has completely failed to support me."

"I thought without the Dr, I would be a failure."

"I realize now that I'd rather earn good money in a job I like and travel and live happily rather than keep making up for their failure."- AngryOnchidella

Life Is Not Something That Should Need To Be Paid For

"I used to be anti-government healthcare."

"I got shot in Afghanistan, and the VA ruined my f*cking life."

"My case was right at the heart of the VA scandal."

"I was extremely anti-government health care and just frankly anti-government after the Marine Corps."

"Then I lived an adult life in America."

"I watched a little girl die from horrific cancer over social media."

"She had a major campaign pulling for, and it was a pretty big thing in the community."

"My girlfriend (now wife) was friends with the family, and we learned a lot about them and the girl."

"It was very beautiful and dramatic watching her live the rest of her short life."

"When she died, the family was annihilated by debt and driven into abject despair."

"These f*cking vultures pecked them into pieces after they lost their daughter."

"It hardened me against the idea of private healthcare."

"I was a f*cking moron for believing that universal healthcare was some kind of evil."

"I was horribly wrong."

"We can't do this sh*t without coming together."

"It has never worked."

"I really truly believe the reason the VA will never be fixed is because who's gonna give a f*ck about a grown man getting f*cked up in a war, when kids die like this, and their family gets destroyed."- Mick0331

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Resentment Is Never Worth Hanging On To

"I decided I don't hate my mom anymore and actually wish she was here."

"The 10-year anniversary of her passing was about a week ago, and I was sitting on my bed mulling over my feelings as well as a lot of things my dad had said about my mom when we'd visited her grave for the first time in a while that morning."

"My thoughts were going at such a rapid pace that it took me a second even to realize what I'd thought when I absorbed that being mad at her for the ways she f*cked me/my life up was useless, she could've changed as a person by now had she not passed."

"I've become an adult and understand the nuances of life, and I miss my mom."- professionalstuffer

Indiana Jones Would Agree

"I was terrified of snakes until I was in 10th grade (so... Not recently, lmao, I graduated in 2018) until my biology teacher had 2 corn snakes, and one of them was so sweet."

"Her name was Maisy, and she was just so cute."

"She would let us pet her, she'd curl up to me and fall asleep."- khurd18

Can't Deny Complimenting Flavors

"I was dead set against blue cheese."

"I got some regular mild buffalo wings from dominos one night and thought, f*ck it, I’ll get one dip of blue cheese, and if I don’t like it, I’ll just toss it out."

"I ordered two ranches just in case."

"I actually love blue cheese now."

"Sh*t tasted so good haha."

"I get it all the time now."- Critical_Attempt8556


Some People Just Prefer A Coarser Texture

"I was team creamy peanut butter all the way back to kindergarten."

"Then during the pandemic, I changed to crunchy peanut butter."

"I saw the jar in the cabinet and thought it looked really good, and now it's my preferred peanut butter."

"I think I was going through a midlife crisis."- manderifffic

There Are Great Dangers In Spreading False Information

"We totally believed that vaccines caused autism up until our 100% not vaccinated kid was given an educational label of autism."

"We took questionable childbirth classes at 22 and expecting our first that told us a lot of bullsh*t about the 'evils' of vaccines, epidurals, and baby formula."

"All of this backed up what the conspiracy theorist who taught biology at our dumb Bible college (thankfully, we outgrew that nonsense) told us about these things, so we stupidly believed them."

"We of course stopped doing delayed vaccines immediately after that (we were never 100% anti vaccines, just anti vaccines for kids under 3), and got our kids caught up pretty quickly."

"This was all 14 years ago now."- cinderparty

Always Worth Giving Someone A Second Chance...

"So I judged Danny McBride for the type of characters he always portrayed- toxic masculinity being the general theme."

"I always thought his improv style was just going for the low hanging fruit."

"I only recently discovered the Righteous Gemstones and was blown away by the writing and character development."

"Completely changed my opinion on him."

"Saw him in a new light."- Nsasbignose42

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

But it is always best to approach everything with an open mind, as opinions have a surprising way of changing.