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Ron DeSantis' Wife Just Took A Page Out Of Melania's Fashion Playbook—And It Backfired Hard

Casey DeSantis wore a leather jacket to a recent campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa with a message to 'woke' liberals on the back.

Casey DeSantis and Ron DeSantis
Kimimasa Mayama/AFP via Getty Images

Casey DeSantis—the wife of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis—stirred controversy with a leather jacket she wore during a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa.

While her fashion choices have been compared to those of Melania Trump—and earned her the nickname Walmart Melania among Trump's supporters, this particular outfit sparked attention due to the message displayed on the back of the jacket.

While the front featured an American flag patch, the back showcased an embroidered design of the state of Florida with an alligator on top, accompanied by the phrase "Where Woke Goes to Die."

You can see the jacket in the photo below.

The use of the term "woke" in the jacket's message aligns with DeSantis' campaign message, as he frequently employs the term to criticize progressive ideologies.

However, even former Republican President Donald Trump has expressed his confusion and dislike for the term, stating many people struggle to define it.

Casey DeSantis' jacket choice evoked memories of Melania Trump's own controversial fashion moment when she wore a Zara jacket with the message "I Really Don't Care. Do U?" during a visit to a U.S. border immigration center in 2018.

Casey DeSantis was swiftly criticized online and compared unfavorably to the already unpopular former First Lady.

While some may argue Casey's fashion statement pleased her husband and resonated with his supporters, others question the substantive value of an anti-woke agenda beyond being a catchy campaign phrase.

From implementing laws that target refugees, Black people and LGBTQ+ Americans to signing a bill making it exceedingly difficult for Floridians to access abortion care, DeSantis' actions have drawn national attention and provoked widespread debate and condemnation.

DeSantis' decision to block schools from teaching certain aspects of history related to race and gender has further fueled concerns about educational equity and inclusivity and he has made no signs of slowing down, pledging to end "woke politics" and liberalism in the United States if elected.