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Woman Has Brutally Epic Response After Anti-Vax City Councilman Knocks On Her Door

Woman Has Brutally Epic Response After Anti-Vax City Councilman Knocks On Her Door

Michael van Holst—a Canadian politically conservative councilman for Ward 1 in London, Ontario—got more than he bargained for when canvassing in one neighborhood.

Van Holst is currently campaigning for another term on the city council. But he was not greeted positively by one woman who answered her door only to succinctly call him out for being an anti-vaxxer.

You can watch the encounter in the video below.

Van Holst had barely greeted the woman before she responded:

"Oh, you're the anti-vaxxer guy?"
"Get f**ked."

Van Holst later scoffed at the encounter, suggesting the woman who told him off is in the minority, saying he gets angrily dismissed by prospective voters in Ward 1 just once or twice a day.

Matt Farrell, a political scientist at Fanshawe College, later commented on the video pointing out a person "can’t be a lightning rod that courts controversy and then expect that it won’t catch up with you in some manner."

The video quickly went viral and many praised the woman's directness.

Van Holst has been described as an "outspoken and eccentric councillor over the course of his two terms in office" according to The London Free Press.

The paper noted he has a history of pushing back against climate change policies and water flouridation in addition to promoting COVID-19 disinformation.

Recently van Holst was "found to have violated four elements of council’s code of conduct" because he promoted a “creed” as a method of avoiding COVID-19 vaccine requirements, including those for city workers.

Van Holst also was a speaker at an anti-lockdown protest.

The London City Council ultimately voted not to punish van Holst for his behavior, a move mired in controversy because he was the deciding vote on whether or not he should face any consequences.