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California Woman Freaks Out In Trader Joe's After Being 'Harassed' For Not Wearing A Mask

California Woman Freaks Out In Trader Joe's After Being 'Harassed' For Not Wearing A Mask

Health experts have advised Americans that the best and easiest thing any of us can do to halt the spread of the virus is to wear a mask.

After many conservative politicians have politicized the wearing of masks, however, there are many Americans who have protested mask mandates as infringements upon their personal freedom.

In North Hollywood, California, a woman had a public breakdown after being asked to wear a mask by the staff of her local Trader Joe's.

Multiple videos of the woman went viral on Twitter, where many labelled her the latest in a long line of "Karens" (i.e. White women who weaponize their privilege to make an unnecessary scene.)

Twitter was merciless in their mockery of the irate woman.

Firsthand accounts of the incident reveal the woman had to wait in line with a mask for 30 minutes before taking it off once she went inside.

Witnesses also seem to suggest the woman was looking for conflict, spending more time breathing on other customers than actually shopping.

There are many who believe businesses mandating masks are infringing on their personal liberties, but any lawyer will be quick to inform you that is not the case.

The woman, who happened to be wearing a blue Bebe tee, was quickly turned into a meme online.

Twitter hoped Trader Joe's removed this customer for her bad behavior.

Many also questioned how often this "Karen" encountered "Democratic pigs" in the heart of Los Angeles.

Wearing a mask to protect others shouldn't be seen as a political statement or an infringement of freedom.