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California Woman Apologizes For Calling Cops On Filipino Man For Drawing Chalk Art On His Own Front Wall

California Woman Apologizes For Calling Cops On Filipino Man For Drawing Chalk Art On His Own Front Wall
Jaime Juanillo/Facebook

Perhaps this is one way to know that the current anti-racist movement is working. The so-called "Karens" have begun learning their lesson... and even apologizing.

That's the turn things took in a viral incident between a San Francisco woman, Lisa Alexander, and a Filipino man, Jaime Juanillo, whom she harassed for painting chalk art on "private property" that turned out to be the Filipino man's own home. In the intervening time since video of the incident went viral, it seems Alexander has had a reckoning and change-of-heart.

In a since-deleted Twitter post, she explicitly apologized to Jaime Juanillo.

After her apology, Alexander's statement goes on to say:

"The last 48 hours has taught me that my actions were those of someone who is not aware of the damage caused by being ignorant and naive to racial inequalities. When I watch the video I am shocked and sad that I behaved the way I did. It was disrespectful to Mr. Juanillo and I am deeply sorry for that."
"... I am taking a hard look at the meaning behind white privilege and am committed to growing from this experience."


The incident between Alexander and Juanillo took place last Tuesday.

In video of the encounter, Alexander accuses Juanillo of chalk-stenciling "Black Lives Matter" on private property. She then claims to live in the neighborhood and to know the owner of the property.

The video of the incident instantly went viral upon Mr. Juanillo's posting it on his Facebook page.

Not shown in the video is the fact that, according to Juanillo's Facebook posts, Alexander did in fact call the police.

Thankfully, Juanillo says they didn't take the situation seriously because they know Juanillo.

He has lived in the building in question for 18 years.

Juanillo is also apparently well known to his neighbors for providing pet boarding and walking services.

Alexander's apology statement closes with an offer to meet with Juanillo.

"I would love to have coffee with Mr. Juanillo in our neighborhood so I can apologize in person and share a dialogue where I can continue to learn and grow and be a better person."

According to another local news reporter who spoke with him, Juanillo stated he is willing to meet with Alexander.

But on social media, people seemed unconvinced of Alexander's sincerity.

Alexander is CEO of LAFACE cosmetics, products which were formerly part of Birchbox's offerings. The company formally parted ways with LAFACE in the wake of the incident between Alexander and Juanillo.