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California Farmers Market 'Karen' Goes Off On Gay Vendor For Giving Out Free Pride Flags In Infuriating Video

California Farmers Market 'Karen' Goes Off On Gay Vendor For Giving Out Free Pride Flags In Infuriating Video
Livermore Pride/YouTube

The internet has crowned yet another "Karen" after an incident at the Northern California farmers market she managed.

A gay man who was handing out Pride flags at the cookie stand he operates at the market was berated by the "Karen" for his "political agenda." The video of the incident has people on the internet infuriated and leveling accusations of homophobia.

The incident occurred at a farmers market in Livermore, California—a suburb of San Francisco about 40 miles east of the city. Dan Floyd—who owns local bakery Dan Good Cookies—was joined at his usual sales booth Sunday, June 7 by the director of the local Pride organization, Amy Pannu, to hand out free rainbow flags to shoppers.

Seemingly out of nowhere they were berated by Gail Hayden—the now former head of the California Farmers' Markets Association—for pushing what she called a "political agenda." The latter part of Hayden's dressing-down was caught on video, which has since gone viral.

Be warned that while there is no profanity in the video, some may find Hayden's words homophobic and shocking.

CFMA & Dan Good Cookies: 06/07/

In the video, Hayden threatens to suspend Floyd for a violation of the rules in a 30-page handbook before launching into a condescending lecture about Floyd's supposed political agenda.

"The purpose of the mission of the market is not your political point of view... Nobody else has any flags, that should've been a clue... I don't even care what the flags are for. It has nothing to do with anything."

Hayden then accuses Floyd of not having read the 30-page handbook, which according to the Bay Area's NBC affiliate KNTV, does not even mention flags, only "petitions and flyers." Nonetheless, Hayden calls Floyd's supposed agenda "disturbing to me."

Floyd immediately fires back.

"Gail what might be disturbing to me is how you're treating me right now."

Speaking to KNTV, Floyd was unconvinced by Hayden's claims to not care about what the flags stand for.

"She became very confrontational. Very condescending about the entire thing... I definitely felt scared, and I definitely felt scared for my business. It definitely felt like the flags and what they represent were the target of her tirade."

On Twitter, people were outraged by Hayden's display.

In the end, it seems Floyd has won out since video of Hayden's attack hit the internet.

In thd end, Hayden's company has resigned from managing the Livermore market, and Floyd's cookie shop has had a line out the door.