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Caitlyn Jenner Calls Out Governor's Bad Spending Habits—Despite Her Campaign Being $156k In Debt

Caitlyn Jenner Calls Out Governor's Bad Spending Habits—Despite Her Campaign Being $156k In Debt
Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

During an appearance in San Francisco on August 25, California Republican gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner critcized Gavin Newsom, the state's Democratic governor, over his spending habits.

The irony here is that Jenner, who has proven herself to be a polarizing political figure despite her campaign's failure to gain momentum, has issues with money of her own.

Jenner made the remarks during a speech in San Francisco's Tenderloin district.

You can watch footage of her remarks below.

Jenner said:

"[Governor] Gavin [Newsom] is spending millions of dollars and getting no results whatsoever. It's getting worse! Where is all this money going?"
"Nothing is getting done. Absolutely nothing is getting done."

Jenner went on to suggest that Newsom's choices during his tenure, such as considering imposing higher taxes on millionaires, have imperiled a now "sick" California:

"You cannot have a healthy America with a sick California and California is really, really sick right now."

But Jenner's campaign is no stranger to financial trouble.

According to a recent report from Politico, Jenner's campaign has "piled up debt":

"From the launch of Jenner's candidacy through the end of July, the campaign raised about $747,000 and spent some $910,000, leaving her campaign with about $156,000 in unpaid bills and roughly $21,000 on hand for the race's critical final stretch."

The report went on to note that more than 25% of that money–$182,000––went to fundraising platform WinRed.

Jenner's campaign also enlisted the services of Brad Parscale, former President Donald Trump's campaign manager, as well as Ari Fleischer, a former press secretary to former President George W. Bush.

Jenner's campaign paid about $67,000 to Parscale Strategy, LLC, the firm run by Parscale. It also spent $25,000 on Fleischer's media strategy company Ari Fleischer Communications.

Although funding for Jenner's campaign has lagged significantly behind former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and radio host Larry Elder, campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung insisted that it will be "fully funded" ahead of California's recall election.

Jenner's was criticized by social media users who said her remarks amounted to little more than projection.

Polling indicates that Jenner's campaign is very much on life support.

A recent survey conducted by the University of California, Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies and the Los Angeles Times found that Jenner is polling at just 3% among registered California voters.