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Pete Buttigieg Offers Classiest Response To GOP Official Who Called Him A 'Weak Little Girl'

Pete Buttigieg Offers Classiest Response To GOP Official Who Called Him A 'Weak Little Girl'

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg offered the classiest response to Michigan Republican Party co-chair Meshawn Maddock, who made headlines earlier this week after she referred to him as a "weak little girl."

Maddock attacked Buttigieg in response to remarks he made about California’s ban on selling gasoline-fueled cars, which is scheduled to go into effect in 2035.

Earlier this year, Buttigieg moved to Traverse City, Michigan, the hometown of his husband, educator and activist Chasten Buttigieg. He recently indicated that he's "really interested" in California's ban on new gas-powered vehicles in favor of electric ones, saying that it is imperative "that this happens quickly enough to help us beat climate change."

Buttigieg's statements prompted Maddock to declare that the state of Michigan is "so blessed this weak little girl moved" to the state, adding that it is evident Buttigieg is "bringing all his California Dreaming here with him," suggesting the attempt to tackle climate change is little more than a lofty fairytale.

A rather poised Buttigieg issued the following response when asked to comment on Maddock's remarks by a reporter:

“I’m raising a little girl and little boy, and I’m going to raise them with better values than the chairwoman.”

You can hear what he said in the video below.

Buttigieg was praised for his classy response while Maddock continued to face criticism.

Maddock has not responded to requests for comment but she has nonetheless been called out for her homophobic remarks by Michigan Democrats, including Jeremy Moss, who represents Southfield.

Moss told local news station WJBK that the homophobic remark is "just very on brand for what Meshawn Maddock brings to the Michigan Republican Party." Moss added Maddock's comment "doesn't also grow their party in any meaningful way when LGBTQ rights are at this incredibly supported and embraced part of where we are in our country."

Maddock is a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump and was a prior board member of Women for Trump, as well as a participant in several pro-Trump organizations such as the Michigan Conservative Coalition. She previously received heavy criticism after she, along with 15 others, submitted false certificates to the federal government claiming they were Michigan's presidential electors for the 2020 presidential election.