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Burger King Had A Savage Response After Kanye Declared McDonald's His 'Favorite Restaurant' 🔥

Burger King Had A Savage Response After Kanye Declared McDonald's His 'Favorite Restaurant' 🔥
Getty Images: Evan Agostini, Twitter @cheryleighvc

Lately, Kanye West has been known for causing controversy than his music. He has expressed a lot of divisive opinions recently – but perhaps none as controversial as this.

Ye announced to the world on Twitter on Sunday that his favorite restaurant is McDonald's.

The tweet attracted a lot of attention, quickly racking up more than 200,000 likes and sparking fierce debate about the merits of the popular fast food chain.

Some people agreed with this declaration:

Others didn't:

Some were flummoxed:

And of course some people figured out why we felt this way:

But none of the responses were quite as savage as the one from rival fast food chain Burger King

With impressive economy of language, Burger King's UK account savagely owned both McDonald's and Ye using just three words:

People were impressed:

It's not the first time Ye has tweeted about his love of the golden arches – in a now deleted tweet from 2016 he declared: “McDonalds is my favorite brand."

But of course Kanye's latest declaration was given the meme treatment by Twitter users.

It comes after the rapper, who has been a prominent supporter of President Donald Trump, recently announced his “eyes are now wide open" and that he was distancing himself from politics.

Some questioned whether that was true in the light of his latest tweet revelation.

Perhaps Ye will be swapping his Make America Great Again hat for a Ronald McDonald costume soon.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.