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Resurfaced Clip Of An Interviewer Sticking Up For Britney Spears After Fan's Rude Question Goes Viral

Malaysian TV journalist Asha Gill is being praised for how she responded to a fan asking if Spears is actually 'a virgin' back when the singer constantly faced a slew of inappropriate questions.

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When you spend a lifetime in front of the cameras, basking in the limelight, you are guaranteed your fill of interviews. Some good, while others perhaps missing the mark.

It is hard to imagine the invasive questions that the Hollywood elite get regularly.

Britney Spears is one of those elite that has been the subject of invasive questions and controversy her entire Hollywood career.

The starlet had to deal with inappropriate questions since the age of 10 when she found herself being grilled on if she had a boyfriend by Ed McMahon on her television debut on Star Search.

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Many other instances have been remembered in the shadow of the recent documentary focusing on her battle to end her conservatorship.

One such instance was a sad, yet warming, interview when the hostess came to her defense at the end of yet another inappropriate question. This one, like many others, once more involved the physical intimacy of her life.

Spears smiled and thanked her hostess, Asha Gill, for telling the awkward fan to get some manners before asking another question.

"can you go back to school, go talk to your parents, get some manners and then come back and ask another question."

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You can see a clip from the interview here:

Fans have been quick to rally around Spears for her entire career as they have seen this behavior time and time again.

Many comments acknowledged that these sorts of cringe worthy questions were common for Spears to get in interviews.






Other comments showed support for Spears and appreciation for Gill for standing up for the singer.



As time goes on, and her presence on social media grows, Spears is likely not ever going to break away from this sort of scrutiny.

Sadly, she has dealt with questions like this her entire life. However, one thing is certain and that is her fans will always protect their beloved singer.