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Odd NYC Concert Moment Leads Fans To Believe That Britney Spears Has No Idea Who Andy Cohen Is—And He's Totally Cool With It

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It's Britney's world, and we're all just living in it, as Andy Cohen just found out.

Pop singer Britney Spears is known for having momentary lapses of memory like when she famously forgot she was in Manchester and asked "What's up London?" or her complete inability to remember the pronunciation of singer Tinashe's name.

This time it was Bravo's Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen who was on the receiving end. But if anyone is feeling sorry for him, don't. Cohen describes the moment Spears couldn't recall his name as "living his best life."

During a Spears concert at New York's Radio City Music Hall for her Piece of Me tour, Cohen was invited up on stage to play the part of the"sex slave" which has become a tradition in her shows. After the performance, where Cohen is placed into a bondage harness and spanked onstage, Spears seemed to forget Andy's name and said to the audience:

I think you all know who this is. Give it up for him!

Although Spears was certain the crowd knew who Cohen is, calling him "him" made it pretty clear she didn't know who he is. That's okay though, Cohen responded to people pointing out the gaffe by saying:

So what the press is saying, basically, I said I was Mariah Carey-ed. (Referring to Carey famously saying she didn't know who Jennifer Lopez was) First of all, why would Britney know my name? She's Britney, bitch.

From the looks of the clip, Cohen was having a great time whether anyone knew his name or not.

Fans were laughing along with Cohen.

To hear Cohen give a moment by moment recap, listen below:

Cohen, it seems, is happy enough to have shared a moment of time in Britney's world.

H/T: Huffington Post, Billboard